Sarah & Peter – Wedding videography Oxfordshire England

    | 1 august 2015 | Wedding videography Oxfordshire England |

    As the saying goes you just can’t predict what the future may holds for you…and oh how true it is! I must say that this year turns out to be rather special. Life has treated me well and given me unbelievable connections, perhaps I even can go so far to call these friendships, and amazingly gorgeous couples to work with.

    This is how I met Sarah and Peter, too. Just a glance at them and you know how deeply and dearly they are in love with each other. It was an absolute pleasure to shot their wedding! There are no words that could describe how grateful and thankful I am for all those lovely kindness and trust they had for me. (And of course a truly big thank you goes to Lilla and Paul as well for all their help!)
    It is really a shame that we never had a chance to catch up properly. Although, there wasn’t much time left for anything like that anyway. However, what I did have time for was to get a little excited alongside with the Priest as this was the first wedding for both of us…alright for me not really but the first in England.
    It is an incredible honour and an acknowledgement of my work that regardless of the great distance they chose me to capture their big day. I honestly hope that I deserved their decision and with this little video I wish them all the happiness in the world.

    Have a happily ever after Sarah and Peter. Hope to see you soon again.

    Dorchester, Oxford, England
    Dorchester Abbey, Dorchester Village Hall
    1 august 2015

    Photographer: Michelle Waspe Photography

    Wedding videography Oxfordshire England

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    Michelle Vrnak Waspe

    Brilliant Zsolt!! Well done!

    Thanks Michelle! Your photos is gorgeous too!