Lilla + Paul – wedding film – Rosinante restaurant – destination wedding

    | 3 august 2013 |
    wedding film – Rosinante restaurant – destination wedding

    I recieved a letter from an English guy who was interested in an available date. At first I didn’t even read the letter instead went to check the date. if I had a free weekend in my otherwise fully booked calendar. I thought to myself if I get lucky I might have an opportunity to go to England and make a wedding film in there.
    I even put my hopes up a little bit, because to be honest it would be lovely once to go out, although I would be a little concern about my english knowledge
    but probably I would find a solution for it.

    After reading

    the letter it turned out that the case is not as I hoped, as the wedding will be here in Szentendre, Hungary because the bride is Hungarian. I really like this when only one of them is Hungarian, because it is very interesting to see the different traditions and how the two culture mix. However the Hungarian traditions, songs and dance more emphasised.
    Lilla and Paul were one of the most natural and emotional couple I have ever filmed. Paul was not ashamed to show his emotions when saw his bride. and Lilla as well was incredibly calm and energetic even in the extreme hot weather (38 degrees of celsius). They really love each other and they won’t hide it.

    Everybody wanted the weather to be nice an it was indeed. It’s quite challenging to do a perfect job when the weather is so hot, but I hope it won’t be seen on the film.

    They are a lovely and kind couple and I am very pleased that I was able to film one of their very precious moment.

    Rosinante Restaurant Szentendrei-Sziget, Szigetmonostor Hungary
    3 august 2013

    wedding film – Rosinante restaurant – destination wedding

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