Hey, It’s me!

    My philosophy is and has always been to remain the unseen party. I dedicate my work to capture the moment that present itself only once, therefore, I choose not to work with staged looks and choreography I prefer the naturally occuring unique gestures, moments you know the ones that reflect the raw love and the real honest happiness. These can only show up if I move a little away from the scene and allow myself to go with the flow and take me to where my heart and eyes wants to go.

    Something about me
    our LIFE

    I am Zsolt a quiet and sensitive guy who mostly remains behind the scenes and carries out his work discretely. I work from instinct I try to avoid the cliches and I don't plan. Throughout the years I developed my own style that attracts like minded couples whom looking for exactly what I stand for. Over 17 years I have had rougly 300 weddings and yet I love my job more than I ever have before. Perhaps there isn't anything more special than to capture moments that will never repeat itself ever again and record lifelong lasting memories.
    These are the moments of your lives and your feelings, exactly the way it happened. I aim to observe the small seemingly unnoticed details and happenings that mostly forgotten and unless I record it nobody will remember them. To me this is what I love most about my job to have the ability to present you a film of your day that maybe not even you remember yet through me you'll have it forever.