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    | 2021 |

    | FEB – Virginia Park Lodge IRELAND
    | MAY - Träumerei, Südburgenland AT, Holler Weingut, Spielfeld AT
    | JUN - Holler Weingut, Spielfeld AT
    | JUL - Holler Weingut - Scheune, Spielfeld AT
    | AUG – Waldviertel, Leopoldsdorf AT, Schmiede am Ravelsbach AT, Budapest HU
    | SEP – Schmiede am Ravelsbach AT, Streitdorf AT, Träumerei, Südburgenland AT
    | OCT – Larchfield Estate IE, NI, Vienna AT
    | NOV – Virginia Park Lodge , Donegal IRELAND |

    | 2022 |

    | APR – Schmiede am Ravelsbach, Gaindorf AT
    | MAY – Schloss Gurhof, St. Pölten AT
    | AUG – Vila Vita Pannonia, Pamhagen AT
    | SEP – Kreuzstadl in Streitdorf AT