Destination Wedding Videography
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    Victoria + Dominic

    Destination Wedding Videography

    Lana + David

    Destination Wedding Videography

    Caoimhe + Pauric

    Destination Wedding Videography

    Emma + Gerald

    Destination Wedding Videography

    Gilda + Martin

    Destination Wedding Videography

    Lani + Olly

    So I get to be the person behind the camera like an outsider witnessing the most beautiful unioun of your lives and creating an ever lasting memory for you to cherish forever. This journey, therefore, becomes our journey. A place where I get to go with you as a newly wedded couple, to meet your families and your friends and to share the tears and laughter and the happiness along the way. For this privilege I am eternally grateful.

    A walk down on memory lane

    "Recording weddings is one of the most unique if not the most unique career out there. Capturing the atmosphere of the event, the feelings and the moments that are only present themselves once and keep them save for the future is somewhat magnificent in its own right. "

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    "Recording the moments, the feelings, that will never occur ever again. And, thereafter, make someone happy with it.
    This is why I pick up my camera day after day.”

    They Say

    Lani & Olly - Cornwall UK

    Trisha & Luís - Madeira

    Paula & James - Somerset UK

    Dan & Jho - Marseille

    Em & Liam - Minster Lovell UK

    During the planning stages of our wedding we found it tough to decide on suppliers however choosing a videographer was the easiest decision.
    After seeing a wedding film that Zsolt had done for good friends of ours we knew we wanted him to capture our special day. The amount of emotion that came through in all of the films we watched of his were breathtaking.
    During the day and evening Zsolt blended in with the background capturing all of the small details that are so easily missed on the busy day.
    Zsolt is extremely professional and efficient, we were able to watch our preview the next day which was better than we could have imagined.
    The film that Zsolt will produce is defiantly the best investment for your wedding as you will be able to relive the entire day and all the emotion that goes with it, which in our opinion is priceless.

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    Zsolt is in a league of his own. He captured our wedding in stunning fashion -- every detail, all the emotion and all the happiness. Our video is a work of art that we will cherish for a lifetime. Beyond the suberb quality of his films he is a joy to work with. A very sweet soul who by the end of our wedding weekend was like family. He is a rare talent in the wedding video industry and we feel beyond lucky to have found him. A+++++++!

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    When planning our wedding, I knew that I didn’t want a wedding video.
    Until a few months later I saw the film Zsolt did for a friend, which left me in tears. I knew then that I didn’t want just any videographer, I wanted that videographer. Luckily for us, Zsolt was available and he travelled to Somerset, England for our big day. From the night before and throughout our day, he remained in the background and many of our guests didn’t even realise he was there. The results are amazing, capturing moments that we missed and relatives that are sadly no longer with us.
    James and I agree that the film of our day and the speeches was the best thing we invested in. Zsolt was flexible and professional, you will not regret working with him.

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    Zsolt is very impressive...a mix of kindness and discretion, such a high level of professionalism and attention to details with his magic touch of sensitivity that will truly make your wedding film unique and to your image. I remember arriving at the wedding venue the day before and already finding him filming the beautiful sunset in the vineyard. On Sunday night when we were so exhausted and wondering with apprehension whether our guests had a great time, Zsolt sent us the teaser he had already made when he was still at the airport waiting for his flight...We cried and laughed at the same time when watching it as it was just so perfect, beautiful and so full of emotions! I got angry at Zsolt and told him to could have waited...and he answered: "but I loved being at your wedding and I am passionate about my work"! So here it is - someone who just loves his work and loves to please and who is able to give you the most wonderful memory of all! So do not hesitate...he is a rare gem!

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    Having Zsolt film our wedding was the best decision we made. No photo captures the love and emotion of our day as well as his video. I’ve watched it a thousand times and it’s still as moving and special as the first time. Zsolt is a pleasure to work with and over-delivers on everything and we keep going back to him again and again to do our friends weddings or photo shoots for ourselves.

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    -- 2022 --

    2nd of April - Pfarrwirt Wien
    16th of April - Ravelsbach
    16th of May - Balatonvilágos
    21st of May - Sankt Pölten
    28th of May - Pannonhalma
    28-30th of June - Schloss Obermayerhofen
    13th of July - Heisskeller - Absdorf
    15th of July - Schloss Obermayerhofen
    16th of July - Weingut & Heuriger Dworzak
    21th of July - Tihany
    30th of July - Klöch
    5th of August - Pálma rendezvényház, Tata
    12nd of August - Schloss Halbturn
    26th of August - Miller von Aichholz Schloss, Wien
    1st of September - Achilles park, Győr
    3rd of September - VILA VITA Pannonia
    10th of September - Sárvár
    17th of September - Batthyányi Kastély
    1st of October - Lässerhof Stattegg
    15th of October - Schloss Obermayerhofen

    -- 2023 --

    10-11th of February - Budapest
    13th of May - Schloss Obermayerhofen
    19th of May - Schloss Obermayerhofen
    17th of June - Larus Restaurant Budapest
    1st of July - Holler Weingut, Spielfeld
    15th of July - Rohr im Gebirge
    12th of August - Der Oberhauser, Holzhausen
    1st of September - Holler Kolleritsch, Graz
    9th of September - Weingut Bannert , Obermarkersdorf
    23rd of September - Schloss Gabelhofen
    30th of September - Polyák Wineyard
    7-13th of November - Colorado/Denver USA
    24-26th of November - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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