Dan & Jho – wedding trailer – film de mariage cinématique

    | 30 may 2015 | Domaine de Roquefeuille 
    Domaine de Roquefeuille  film de mariage cinématique

    When I “took off” to Dan and Jho’s wedding it felt like I was just going to somewhere in the neighborhood. Of course not really as I was a lot more nervous than I usually am. 🙂

    Provence, Marseille. Astonishing place with astonishing people. I will never forget the scene that I saw there on the pre-wedding night…it was just like in the movies. There they were the couple just before their big day having dinner with their friend and family creating an atmosphere that you just want to experience over and over again. You know what it was like I didn’t even work there instead celebrated with this two amazing humans. To be fair they didn’t even let me work that much at all. All they wanted is me to eat drink and enjoy the night. It was truly refreshing.
    They sat me among Dan’s parents and even the language differences didn’t make it uncomfortable for a bit.  They were just ever so kind and helpful so very friendly and caring that truly I felt like I am just a friends of them. And even now when I think about this amazing time and wedding I find myself thinking of them as friends, too and oh how I hope to see them soon again perhaps on another wedding or maybe on a Christening 😉

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    Domaine de Roquefeuille 
    film de mariage cinématique
    Marseille, Pourrières
    29-31 may 2015

    Connection: Lilla + Paul

    Domaine de Roquefeuille  film de mariage cinématique

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