MICHELLE + MAX _ wedding film – Schloss Halbturn – hochzeitsvideograf

    |16 September 2023 | Schloss Halbturn – Österreich |
    wedding film – Schloss Halbturn – hochzeitsvideograf

    I have always loved working at this place. The castle and the surroundings are really beautiful here. There is an illustrious atmosphere, full of elegance! I loved spending this unforgettable day with Michelle and Max. Everything was lovely! The organization, the decoration, the flowers, the whole team!

    The season is slowly coming to an end, but one day at a time, with such a fantastic couple and many wonderful people! Fully charged with energy!

    It was so good to watching and filming Michelle and Max. They are young and in deep love, everyone can see this from afar. Full of happiness, excitement and you could feel this touching and good feeling in the air all day long. I enjoyed every moment I could spend with them. The day was full of events, yet the day went by so quickly.
    With this film, I hope I managed to capture all the beautiful moments and preserve the beautiful memories.

    Congrats guys! 🙂

    Venue: Schloss Halbturn – @barockjuwel_schloss_halbturn
    Planner: Die Hochzeitshummel – @diehochzeitshummel
    Photo: Ivory Rose Photography –
    Florist: Masterflorist Diana Dimitrova – @laprimavera_weddings
    Make-up: Marijana Pusic –
    Jewellery: Tiffany and Co. @TiffanyandCo 
    Paint art: BLAIR CAT SIASICO – @me.iamblair
    DJ: Markus Gaspari
    Musicians: Classic Sound Vienna – @classic_sound_vienna
    FotoBox: Snipsnap –

    wedding film – Schloss Halbturn – hochzeitsvideograf

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