VIKTORIA + ALEXANDER _ wedding film – Gut Brunntal – Rohr im Gebirge – hochzeit videograf

    | 15 July 2023 | Gut Brunntal – Rohr im Gebirge – Österreich |
    wedding teaser – Gut Brunntal – Rohr im Gebirge – hochzeit videograf

    As I always – I mean ALWAYS – say, I’m not much of a blogger, but sometimes I have to say something about the weddings I’m at. It’s not easy, because I tell stories with movies, not words. This is my passion. I love this, very much!
    I just visited the beautiful area of Niederösterreich, more precisely where the magnificent mountains rise.

    Rohr im Gebirge is a nice little town with narrow winding roads. It’s really cozy.

    Viktoria and Alexander chose this fantastic location for their wedding, which was a perfect choice. And these two! OMG! It’s hard for me to find the words, it was so touching, a day full of emotions, happiness and love.

    I really liked being with them. It was a really touching and beautiful day. I was happy to see so many familiar faces at Viktoria and Alexander’s wedding. They are wonderful people, open, kind and friendly. I almost feel at home with them.
    It would be difficult to list how many times we met before (but I’ll try down below).

    Anyway. Here is the film, what is telling these two love story and show how many beautiful happenings was there.

    Congrats guys! Hope we’ll meet again soon! Xx

    Venue: Gut Brunntal
    Photographer: Bernhard Luck photography
    Event planner: ivent Veranstaltungsagentur
    Hochzeit Saxophonist: SaxoBen

    wedding film – Gut Brunntal – Rohr im Gebirge – hochzeit videograf

    Valentina + Matthias
    Victoria + Dominik
    Katharina + Sebastian
    Weronika + Florian
    Stephanie + Paul

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