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    Lisa + Sebastian | 17 August 2019 | Bruck an der Leitha - Austria | When the love is in the air. Look at these three. What a beautiful family. What a beautiful day! It was nice to be with you all! Congrats guys! ... READ MORE Nina + Klemens | 3 August 2019 | Schloss Obermayerhofen - Austria | Every time I pick up my bag, sit in my car and drive to the next wedding I never can really imagine what's waiting for me. This weekend was s... READ MORE Marina + Dieter | 6 July 2019 | Schloss Niederleis - Niederleis/Mistelbach - Austria | These two lovebirds makes me happy every time when I see them on my screen. Just look at them. Those look at each other, her smi... READ MORE Marina + Dieter – trailer | 6 July 2019 | Schloss Niederleis - Niederleis/Mistelbach - Austria | One word serendipity Coming soon.. Photographer: Rokolya photography Venue: Schloss Niederleis Museumszentrum Mi... READ MORE Valentina + Patrick | 8 June 2019 | Hermesvilla - Wien - Austria | Here to another very special weekend. So much  beautiful memories with these two lovebirds. No words can really describe the vibe and feelings... READ MORE Eva + Patrik | 25 May 2019 | Hotel Outside - Matrei in Osttirol - Austria | I just drive six hours to filming these two lovebirds Big Day. It was worth it. Ohh Jesus, of course it was worth it. Travel ... READ MORE Protected: Sonja + Christian | 4 May 2019 | Schloss Kammer - Attersee, Traunkirchen - Austria | Schloss Kammer is a beautiful castle on the shore of the Attersee lake. This place is full of elegance, style and history. Like ... READ MORE Protected: Yvonne + Klaus | 6 October 2018 | Arche Moorhof - Großhöflein - Austria | This season ending is the craziest I've ever seen before. I have to sit down and think about the whole of last spell. So many lovely memories... READ MORE Tanja + Cihan | 31 August 2018 | Schloss Margarethen am Moos - Margarethen am Moos - Austria | Last friday I was at these two lovebird's wedding. The venue was very special and beautiful alongside the atmosphere wh... READ MORE Nicole & Daniel | 1 September 2018 | Weingut am Reisenberg - Vienna - Austria | This day was a bit tricky. Dark clouds arrived, then it started to rain. But nobody cared about it. By the end we were really having fun... READ MORE