Lani + Olly – Fort Polhawn – Cornwall UK – wedding cinematographer

    | 30 september 2017 | Fort Polhawn – Cornwall UK |
    Fort Polhawn – Cornwall UK – wedding cinematographer

    As I approach the ending of this season I sit back and realise what a crazy and rich season it was. It is unbelievable how many beautiful people I have met  and how many breathtakingly amazing places I managed to visit through this job of mine. I feel so rich and blessed by the countless experiences I had and how much inspiration I received. While I revisit Lani and Olly’s wedding in my mind and as I edit their video I can’t help but feel the goose bumps on my arms and the tears of joy and gratefulness in my eyes.
    It has been more than a months since they have tyed the knot but as I watch their video I can clearly recall every moment and every feeling and emotions of the day. But I mean, how could I forget anything about this amazing wedding and wonderful place.

    Even though the weather wasn’t really working for us on the day that hasn’t stopped me nor Amber to capture the pure love that Lani and Olly has for each other. And of course they also didn’t care much about it either, instead they created the best day of their life with the most beautiful feelings and became the happiest couple in the world.

    Wish them that it stays like this forever.

    Venue: Fort Polhawn
    Photographer: Liberty Pearl Photography

    Cornwall UK
    30 september 2017
    Fort Polhawn – Cornwall UK – wedding cinematographer

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