Julia + Heimo – hochzeit – Schloss Ernegg – hochzeit videograf

    | 2 july 2016 | Schloss Ernegg, Austria |
    Schloss Ernegg – hochzeit videograf

    I always loved Austria ever since my youth. I still remember the excitement and passion when we decided back in the years to cycle across the country or when we went climbing in Tirol. The people and place is just magnificent.

    I’m not so keen to call a wedding “Real wedding” simply because all weddings are somewhat real weddings in their own terms. Personally I prefer when the wedding is filled with real emotions, honesty and feelings and nothing remains hidden. When the couple live in the moment and allow to happen whatever there is to happen.
    That’s what I call real wedding. And this is what Julia and Heimo did. All you need to see is their eyes and the way they looked at each other. I had the pleasure to stay at this beautiful place for two days and I just loved it, loved the castle, loved the small village.
    And besides all I loved to be with these two. Heimo’s speech was so touching that even I couldn’t hold my tears even though I don’t even speak german. ?
    In this wedding i met a very kind people and her assistant, she is a supertalented photographer. She takes beautiful and full of emotional pictures and not least the work together was very easy and discret.
    Daniela! I hope we can work together again in the near future. Would be good. 🙂

    Guys! I wish you a long lasting love and please always stay this happy, and honest!

    Venue: Schloss Ernegg
    Photographer: Daniela Porlow

    Schloss Ernegg – hochzeit videograf

    Connection: Hanna + Rainer – trailer

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