Carina + Alex – Hochzeit film – Weingut Scheiblhofer – hochzeit videograf

    | 7 July 2018 | Sankt Andrä am Zicksee, Andau, Podersdorf am See, Weingut Scheiblhofer – Austria |
    Hochzeit film – Weingut Scheiblhofer – hochzeit videograf

    When I started to work on Carina and Alex’s film I realised that I’ve met them several years ago along with a bunch of other lovely couples:  Stefanie and Christoph, Julia and Peter, Ines and Marcus, Nicole and Marcus, Jacqueline and Michael….

    Wow…What a list and how beautiful that every year since 2013 one of them decided to tie the knot!
    I can boldly declare this group of humans are one of my favourite. A good laugh is always guaranteed! Such an entertaining lot.

    And as it can only be expected the day wasn’t short of magic and fun on Carina and Alex’s wedding either.

    Venue: Weingut Scheiblhofer
    Photographer: Szabolcs Udvarhelyi photography
    Hochzeit film – Weingut Scheiblhofer – hochzeit videograf

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