My latest journeys

    Dan & Jho – wedding video | 30 may 2015 | Marseille Pourrières France | When I "took off" to Dan and Jho's wedding it felt like I was just going to somewhere in the neighborhood. Of course not really as I was a lot more ner... READ MORE Ines & Markus – hochzeit / wedding | 11 july 2015 | Halbturn Austria | / The other day my wife asked me, as she passed by my desk, what on earth are you smiling about?! I said oh nothing I'm just editing Ines and Markus' wedding video.... READ MORE Julia + Peter – wedding / hochzeit | 23 may 2015 | Hernstein Austria | This time I went to Austria, in Hernstein to be exact. The venue was the beautiful Schloss-Hernstein Castle. The instant I discovered that the wedding will be he... READ MORE Lilla + Zoli | 9 may 2015 | Csongrád Hungary| Nos mit is mondjak. Adott egy sógor, meg egy sógornő. Felvettem az esküvőjüket videóra. Ennyi. :) Úgy érzem a pályafutásom egyik legérzelmesebb esküvője volt, persz... READ MORE Dan & Jho – wedding trailer | 30 may 2015 | I am extremely fortunate to be able to have a job that is also my hobby, something that I love beyond words. And also to be able to meet such people who are not only kind hearted an... READ MORE Lilla + Paul | 3 august 2013 | I recieved a letter from an English guy who was interested in an available date. At first I didn't even read the letter instead went to check the date if I had a free we... READ MORE Zsuzsa + Gareth | 24 august 2013 | With the assistance of my friend Gabi "theonewhoalwayscatchesthe bouquet" Mándy I had the possibility to shoot for the second time in Eger - one in each year. (I am looking forwa... READ MORE Lilla + Hiro | 5 july 2014 | Tegnapig elképzeli sem tudtam volna milyen az, amikor egy esküvőn mindenféle dolog megtörténik. Leszakad az ég elmosva a kreatív fotózást, videózást, belecsap a villám a kastélyba e... READ MORE Adri + Robi | 14 september 2013 | Mindig nagyon nehéz egy barát, kolléga esküvőjét filmeznem, ez is egy ilyen alkalom volt, viszont azt hiszem sikerült ismét egy emlékezetes esküvőn részt vennem és egy jót fil... READ MORE Stefanie + Christoph | 22 juni 2013 | Vor 3 Jahren habe ich die Hochzeit des Freundes vom Christoph gefilmt, daher die Bekanntschaft, worüber ich mich sehr freute,um eine „wahre ausländische“ Hochzeit zu drehen, über unse... READ MORE