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    Katharina + Christian | 25 june 2016 | Freigut Thallern, Gumpoldskirchen, Austria | When I think about Katharina and Christian the only thing that comes to my mind is that they were smiling all the time, in every moment. W... READ MORE Daniela + Dominik – hochzeit / wedding | 3 june 2016 | Hernstein, Austria | Alles begann mit einer E-Mail von Daniela. Obwohl sie mich ein bisschen zu spät kontaktierte, habe ich es doch noch irgendwie geschafft, ihren großen Tag in meinem... READ MORE Bojana + Darko | may 2016 | Madeira Island, Portugal | Oh my gosh!! What an amazing adventure I've been to in the fantastic Madeira where I was fortunate enough to spend 5 whole days. I still can't believe it. Not o... READ MORE Trisha + Luis – trailer | 26-28 may 2016 | Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal | A little sneak peak video from Funchal, Madeira. Can't wait to start editing the long version. I can't even believe these past 4 days..... READ MORE Olcsi + Józsi | 2 april 2016 | Columbus Boat Restaurant, Budapest, Hungary | / Olcsi és Józsi esküvőjére Budapestre kellett utaznom, ahol az esküvő helyszínéül szolgáló Columbus hajó egészen elképesztő ki... READ MORE Styled shoot | 12 april 2016 | Dunakeszi, Hungary | / Az egész úgy kezdődött, hogy jóideje terveztük, hogy egyszer készítünk egy dekorációs, tortás, sütis fotózást a párommal, mivel cukrász és csoda amik... READ MORE Ballet | 13 june 2015 | Győr, Hungary | my older daughter and her peers' ballet performance - of course it happened on a wedding day - but luckily unlike last year I could sneak in to watch them this time an... READ MORE Paula & James | 3 october 2015 | St. Audries Park, Somerset, England | If I remember rightly, Paula contacted me the very same day she first saw the video I had captured for Dan & Jho’s wedding. She said that s... READ MORE Doris und Lucas – hochzeit | 26 september 2015 | Schloss Hernstein, Austria | Wenn Doris an Facebook mir geschrieben hat, ich wusste erst nicht wie sie mich gefunden hat. Dann es hat sich herausgestellt, dass sie wird genau dor... READ MORE Vania + Balázs | 12 september 2015 | Babérliget, Polány, Hungary | I love special places just as much as I love special people. With the now newlyweds I only had a brief skype conversation and a couple of emails tha... READ MORE Em & Liam – wedding | 28 august 2015 | Minster Lovell, Witney, England | Last spring I received an email from Em. To be honest at first I got a little anxious and of course very happy, too. I couldn’t believe that I... READ MORE Sarah & Peter – wedding | 1 august 2015 | Oxfordshire England | As the saying goes you just can't predict what the future may holds for you...and oh how true it is! I must say that this year turns out to be rather special. L... READ MORE Dan & Jho – wedding video | 30 may 2015 | Marseille Pourrières France | When I "took off" to Dan and Jho's wedding it felt like I was just going to somewhere in the neighborhood. Of course not really as I was a lot more ner... READ MORE Ines & Markus – hochzeit / wedding | 11 july 2015 | Halbturn Austria | / The other day my wife asked me, as she passed by my desk, what on earth are you smiling about?! I said oh nothing I'm just editing Ines and Markus' wedding video.... READ MORE Julia + Peter – wedding / hochzeit | 23 may 2015 | Hernstein Austria | This time I went to Austria, in Hernstein to be exact. The venue was the beautiful Schloss-Hernstein Castle. The instant I discovered that the wedding will be he... READ MORE Lilla + Zoli | 9 may 2015 | Csongrád Hungary| Nos mit is mondjak. Adott egy sógor, meg egy sógornő. Felvettem az esküvőjüket videóra. Ennyi. :) Úgy érzem a pályafutásom egyik legérzelmesebb esküvője volt, persz... READ MORE Dan & Jho – wedding trailer | 30 may 2015 | I am extremely fortunate to be able to have a job that is also my hobby, something that I love beyond words. And also to be able to meet such people who are not only kind hearted an... READ MORE Lilla + Paul | 3 august 2013 | I recieved a letter from an English guy who was interested in an available date. At first I didn't even read the letter instead went to check the date if I had a free we... READ MORE Zsuzsa + Gareth | 24 august 2013 | With the assistance of my friend Gabi "theonewhoalwayscatchesthe bouquet" Mándy I had the possibility to shoot for the second time in Eger - one in each year. (I am looking forwa... READ MORE Lilla + Hiro | 5 july 2014 | Tegnapig elképzeli sem tudtam volna milyen az, amikor egy esküvőn mindenféle dolog megtörténik. Leszakad az ég elmosva a kreatív fotózást, videózást, belecsap a villám a kastélyba e... READ MORE